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You have heard me talk about living math over and over.  I thought it was high time to organize all my living math resources for you in one convenient “table of contents” of sorts.

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If you’re new to the concept of living math or need some help refining your definition/vision, this post should be your first stop.

Living Math | Our Journey Westward

What is living math?

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If you’re ready to add living math to your homeschooling plans, this book will give you all the how-to you information you need.  Parents, it doesn’t matter how old your student is, anytime is a good time to add living math!

Loving Living Math - A How-To Guide for Parents

Loving Living Math: A How-To Guide for Parents

Enjoy These Posts

Clicking the link below will lead you to my living math category of posts.  In other words, you’ll have access to each and every post I’ve every written about living math.  If this seems a tad overwhelming, you might skip on down to the next section where I’ve linked directly to some of my very favorite lesson ideas.

Living Math... Matters

More than 40 posts of living math lessons

A Few of My Very Favorite Lesson Ideas

Not only are these my favorites, but they’re yours, too!  These are some of the most pinned living math posts that you won’t want to miss.

Early math lessonsLiving Math for Littles Standard Measurement with PlaydoughHands-On Standard Measurement
Paper Airplane MathGraphing with Paper Airplane Logic in the HomeschoolLogic is Living Math, too
M&M MathM&M Math Math and Science Lessons using Candy | Our Journey WestwardCandy Math
Pumpkin SchoolPumpkin Math Candy Heart SchoolValentine Math


Living Literature for Living Math

Add literature to math lessons.  It makes learning more fun!  Not to mention, books do a fabulous job of teaching for us.

A great list of living literature for math lessons

A huge list of my favorite living math literature books.

If you’re interested in my very top literature picks for math, you might check out these two posts:

Pinteresting Living Math Ideas

I’ve pinned oodles of living math lesson ideas from all over the web on my living math Pinterest board.  Don’t miss it!

Cindy West's Living Math Pinterest Board

A Little Live Learning: G+ Hangout


  1. Carla Allen says

    Any tips on problem solving for living math? We use Math U See and there isn’t any practice sheets online for problem solving.

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