Living Math Homeschool Masterclass


The addition of living math to your homeschool schedule is really much easier than you might think. It’s also more important than you might think. I would never ask you to completely ditch your math textbook, but let me help you open some pretty amazing doors just outside of the textbook!

Math can be a tough subject that we set before a tough crowd.

  • For some children, it’s tough because there are so many abstract concepts that need concrete foundations for understanding.
  • For others, it’s tough simply because math can require a lot of brain energy.
  • And for others, it’s simply a matter of convincing them that math is actually going to be useful in the real world. 

Living math is one of the tools I have used for years to help build concrete foundations, brain endurance, and to provide real-world experiences! 

Even if you have a child who is naturally drawn to math, the addition of living math still has great benefits! It allows for an incredible amount of depth and breadth that can offer challenging learning for even the brightest mathematician. 

Just what is living math?

It’s can be described in so many ways, but a succinct definition from my perspective is this…

Living math is learning outside of the textbook that provides meaningful opportunities to truly understand math and apply it in hands-on or real-life ways to build confidence and appreciation for its value.

That’s fancy talk for saying that living math provides experiences that don’t waste a minute of your students’ time while helping them understand math better and more joyfully.

You need to know something. I’m a big believer in math textbooks, too. Yep. I love how a good math curriculum teaches arithmetic incrementally and requires practice to solidify skills.

However, most math textbooks lack the “living” side of math since they stick mostly to plain old arithmetic. You see, there’s so much more! 

Let me introduce you to all that “more” in the living math homeschool masterclass! Gain a thorough understanding of the concept of living math and why it’s such an important addition to your schedule. Learn how you can easily continue on with a math textbook and include living math easily. And, of course, you’ll leave the training with practical ideas for exactly what to include as living math in your home.

You’ll be excited to know that, quite often, you can include multiple ages in living math activities! But, no matter the ages of your children, they can always benefit from some living math. So, everyone is welcome!

Approximately 1 hour of lecture + 30 minutes Q&A

BONUS: Everyone who takes part in the class is invited to a special Facebook group where you can find me and other helpful folks to ask any lingering questions after the masterclass.


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