Loving Living Math


Are you tired of mundane math lessons that leave your child disengaged and uninspired? This how-to guide helps parents understand and easily implement living math principles at any grade level. 

Are you tired of mundane math lessons that leave your child disengaged and uninspired? Loving Living Math is the ultimate guide for parents seeking to revolutionize their child’s math education!

In only 56 pages, this easy-to-read book demystifies living math, empowering you to infuse creativity and excitement into your homeschool routine. Say hello to dynamic, hands-on learning experiences that captivate young minds!

Discover how living math can:

  • Foster a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Spark curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
  • Provide practical strategies for incorporating math into everyday life
  • Address the needs of both struggling and gifted learners

Whether your child struggles to grasp math concepts, breezes through workbooks with ease, or yearns for a more engaging approach to learning, Loving Living Math has you covered.

Explore a wealth of topics, including logic, problem-solving, manipulatives, literature, math games, and more. With plenty of examples, resources, and sample lessons, you’ll feel confident implementing living math into your homeschool day.

Join the growing community of parents who are embracing living math and transforming their child’s educational experience. It’s time to unlock your child’s full potential and make math a source of joy and inspiration!

You don’t have to get rid of math textbooks! Although some parents use living math exclusively, this guide encourages you to supplement textbook lessons with living math lessons – and shows you how to effectively do that.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your homeschooling journey!

56 pages, digital guide, how-to book for parents



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