Monthly Artist Study Projects and Resources

As a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, artist study has been a constant over the years.  While I haven’t documented all our studies, I have pulled together several of them here for you.

A Complete List of Cindy West's Monthly Artist Studies

Briefly: How We Do Artist Study

Most of the time, we focus on one artist per month in our home.  One day each week consists of a different picture study using one piece of art from the artist.  On that same day (art day), we will spend time reading about the artist using living literature and/or trying our hands at a “copycat” art or art using the same styles or media as the artist.

I keep a stocked stash of art supplies at the ready and that’s it.  Art and artist study once a week!

Our Artist Studies

Below you will find links to our picture study choices, information resources we used during each month, and one or more of the projects we completed. When possible, I have linked directions for the projects. Otherwise, the art creations were usually just my children’s renditions of a particular artist’s work.

Mary Cassatt

Artist study lesson ideas and resources for Charlotte Mason homeschool families

Our online resources:

Mary Cassatt

Art Work Gallery

Jimmie’s Squidoo Lens

Books we read:

 Suzette and the Puppy: A Story About Mary Cassatt (Young Readers) Mary Cassatt (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists) Mary Cassatt: Family Pictures (Smart About Art)

Paul Cezanne

Online resources:

Olga’s Gallery

Cezanne Still-life

Math Lesson for Older Students

Cubism Lesson

Books we read:

 Cezanne and the Apple Boy (Anholt’s Artists) Paul Cezanne (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists)

Edgar Degas

 Online resources:

Degas for Kids

Degas Art History

Books we read:

 Edgar Degas: Paintings That Dance (Smart About Art) Degas and the Little Dancer (Anholt’s Artists Books For Children)

Albrecht Durer

Our Durer study was less conventional and very simple. Take a peek!

Paul Gauguin


Online resources:

Olga’s Gallery

Pet Still Life


Various Worksheets and a Bio

Book we read:

 Paul Gauguin (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (Paperback))

Grandma Moses


I’ve written an entire blog post about our Grandma Moses study and projects!

Henri Matisse

Online resources:

Olga’s Gallery – Warning: There are many nudes!

KinderArt Lessons

Paper Collages

Mixed Media Project

Books we read:

 Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors (Smart About Art) Matisse the King of Color (Anholt’s Artists Books for Children) Henri Matisse (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists)


I’ve written an entire post about our month spent with Michelangelo!

 Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Online resources:

Biography for Kids

Renoir Gallery – Warning: There Are Many Nudes!

Books we read:

 Pierre Auguste Renoir (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists) Renoir and the Boy with the Long Hair Smart About Art: Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Paintings That Smile

Auguste Rodin


Online resources:

Many Ideas for Drawing and Sculpting Hands

Hand Sculptures

Henri Rousseau


Online resources:

Olga’s Gallery

KinderArt – Fantasy Jungle

Lesson Plan Page – Stained Glass

Books we read:

 Henri Rousseau (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists) The Fantastic Jungles of Henri RousseauRussell

Charles Russell

Online resources:

About Charles Russell

How to Draw a Horse

Drawing Horses

Book we used:

 How to Draw 101 Horses & Ponies

Georges Seurat

Online resources:

Olga’s Gallery

Pointillism Activity Ideas

KinderArt Pointillism

Books we read:

 Georges Seurat (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists) Sunday with Seurat (Mini Masters) Seurat and La Grande Jatte: Connecting the Dots

Vincent Van Gogh

Online resources:

Vincent Van Gogh


Starry Night

Books we read:

 Camille and the Sunflowers Katie and the Starry Night by James Mayhew (2015-06-04) Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers and Swirly Stars (Smart About Art)

A Unique Way To Add Artist Study

Painless artist study: a learning center idea

On occasion, I’ve been a tad overwhelmed with “fitting it all in”.  During those times, I’ve enjoyed putting together simple art centers that my children were expected to visit independently.

Enjoy artist study at your house!

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  1. We’ve done a few artists studies; we always have fun reading about their lives and trying to copy their style of art.

  2. Have you ever done another artist study post? Surely you’ve created more projects over the years. I’d love to see them!

  3. Jessica, we have completed other artist studies over the years, but these are the only ones I have documented for the blog thus far. As we do more, I plan to add them to this page. 🙂

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