Time and Money Picture Books for Teaching Math

Time and money picture books are so very helpful to teach difficult math concepts to children. These fun books will keep everyone inspired to learn!

Did you know that time and money are forms of measurement? Yes! The minutes and hours that tick by on a clock are a standard way to measure time, as are the units of days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries. While the units of money (the coins and bills) are measurements of value.

Who knew that time and money could be considered measurement?

These picture books make time and money skills relatable to kids.

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Picture Books About Time

These fun books will teach the concept of time, keeping time, and reading time accessible for even young children!



For middle school and early high school students, Brimwood Press has written a great curriculum to help them understand how measurements of time came to be from ancient history to the present time. It’s a great overview/review of world history, too!

Picture Books About Money

Even before kids can learn to count money, they need to understand what money represents and how it’s used in the real world. These books go a long way in introducing everything from the concept of money and how to use it to its incredible value.





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