Podcast Time! Creative Homeschooling Conversations with Cindy

One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is teaching homeschool workshops. Unfortunately, I don’t get to do that as often as I’d like.

Fortunately, there’s a “next best thing” option…podcast interviews. I love talking with popular podcasters about homeschooling – and it makes me feel almost as happy as if you and I were hanging out in real life.

I think you’re going to love these recent podcast conversations about everything from nature study to homeschooling frugally!

I’ve been blessed to talk with some of the best homeschool podcast hosts out there. These ladies (and one gentleman) are as smart as they are kind. You’ll feel like you’re sitting right there with us as we chit-chat about homeschooling topics that matter.

You'll love these homeschool podcast interviews covering everything from nature study to frugal homeschooling.

Podcast Interviews

Click on the image below for any episode you’re interested in hearing. You’ll be able to listen directly from your phone or computer by clicking the play button within each page.

Since I’m an iTunes gal, I find it easier to listen to podcast episodes within my podcast app. The app allows me to stop and start without losing my place or starting over if I have to take a break. You can click the iTunes link in some of these posts – or (just as easy) search for a particular episode within your podcast app.

HomeschoolingIRLHomeschoolingIRLLife with Many BlessingsLife with Many BlessingsHomeschool SnapshotsHomeschool SnapshotsHomeschool SnapshotsHomeschool SnapshotsRaising Lifelong LearnersRaising Lifelong LearnersYour Morning BasketYour Morning BasketJoyfully HomeschoolingJoyfully HomeschoolingThe Homeschool High School PodcastThe Homeschool High School PodcastThe Charlotte Mason ShowThe Charlotte Mason ShowThe Homeschool Sanity ShowThe Homeschool Sanity ShowHow To: The Early YearsHow To: The Early YearsRaising Lifelong LearnersRaising Lifelong LearnersThe Dollars and Cents ShowThe Dollars and Cents ShowThe Homeschool Sanity ShowThe Homeschool Sanity ShowCultivating GraceCultivating GraceThe Homeschool Sanity ShowThe Homeschool Sanity ShowHomeschooling Outside of the BoxHomeschooling Outside of the BoxCultivating GraceCultivating GraceThe Homeschool Sisters PodcastThe Homeschool Sisters PodcastAll in a Homeschool DayAll in a Homeschool DayHumility and DoxologyHumility and DoxologyGameschoolingGameschooling


Audio Blogs

With the help (and hospitality) of Pam Barnhill and her Homeschool Solutions podcast, some of my blog posts are now available in audio! These aren’t conversations, but simply me reading aloud a few of my posts. As with the podcast episodes above, you can listen directly within the posts or listen via the iTunes podcast app.

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Google+ Hangouts

I’m not sure Google+ Hangouts are a “thing” anymore, but they sure were fun while it lasted. I had the pleasure of joining panel discussions about living math and nature study with the iHomeschool Network crew. These are video-based, but you could easily listen rather than watch.

Living Math HangoutLiving Math HangoutNature Study HangoutNature Study Hangout

How do you listen?

I’m a busy mom (like you) and don’t have a lot of time to myself right now. One of these days I’ll catch up on my favorite TV series’ via Netflix – I’m sure of it!

I still need some “me time” and podcasts are much easier to fit in than TV. Since everyone in the house scatters when they hear the words “washing dishes” or “folding laundry”, I use that time to pop in the earbuds and listen to podcasts. (OK. The full truth is that everyone has their time with the dishes or laundry, but it sure seems like I do more than my fair share most days.)

I also choose podcasts over music at the YMCA. Call me crazy.

I really do feel like I get in some “adult time” through podcasts!

What do you listen to?

Homeschooling podcasts encourage me and inspire me – even as a veteran homeschooler. But…I’m also a sucker for really good Christian podcasts (like Focus on the Family), true crime, and natural health.

What are YOUR favorite podcasts???

I’m always looking for new things to put in my queue.


  1. i listen to every one you listed above, plus I really enjoy Cultivating the Lovely, Schole Sisters, Heidi St. John, The Mason Jar, and some others, but those are some of my favorites. So great to hear you on several podcasts!!

  2. I also listen to most of the ones you’ve mentioned. I’ve never heard of Cultivating the Lovely, though. Can’t wait to check it out!

  3. Love podcasts!! Checking these out right now.

  4. I love the idea of adding nature study to morning time and thought that podcast was full of great tips! Next up on my queue is episode entitled “Warning against Frugal Homeschooling”, what an intriguing title-I can’t wait to listen! There are so many great opportunities for knowledge and practical in this post!

    I have such a wide array of podcasts on my phone. Depending on my mood I’ll listen to Stuff You Should Know (not specifically home education based but so good (the episode(s) on the evolution of fairy tales were FASCINATING! I also love Schole Sisters and The Homeschool Sisters, both chock full of inspiration and tips. I also run my own podcast for mamas who want to home educate their children aged six and under using Charlotte Mason methods. It’s called “How To: The Early Years”. That prep work often keeps me busy during the day so I use my nightly time doing dishes to listen to podcasts.

  5. Ooh, checking out your podcast today! 🙂

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