Image with a drawing of a red apple and a green worm. Used as an image for a blog post about tried and true homeschool curriculum.

Middle School Homeschool Curriculum: Top Picks

The middle school homeschool curriculum options are some of my favorite things! The year before I got a full-time job teaching, I was a substitute teacher for three school systems, K-12. Let me tell you…after about two months, I informed the central office that I was available for anything except middle school. I loathed middle school. There were so many stinky attitudes and hormonal distractions! I wondered how I would possibly like my own children at that age. I’m happy to report that not only do/did I like my own middle school kids, but I’ve learned that these years have GREAT potential – both academically…

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Try a free science class!

Your children can learn science through the lens of nature study while creating meaningful nature journal pages during No Sweat Nature Study classes.

1st-8th graders learn in-depth science and scientific vocabulary as they build skills in observation, art, writing, note-taking, charting, diagramming, and higher-order thinking.

Kids watch Mrs. Cindy teach a nature study class on a computer in front of a book case filled with books.