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School really can be enjoyable – for children and parents!  My goal is to encourage you in joyful learning by sharing practical (and easy) lesson ideas for all ages.

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Stock your shelves with the best art supplies for kids to encourage creativity in your home! #art #homeschool

The Best Art Supplies for Kids

Having a home full of the best art supplies for kids will help foster your children’s ability to express themselves. Art keeps them busy doing something far more constructive than using electronics or watching TV. And that comes in handy… especially during the winter months. Being cooped up inside can make everyone go a little…

Learn all about graceful hummingbirds in this week's nature study!

Hummingbird Nature Study

Hi! Thanks for joining me for the hummingbird nature study today. We’re going to learn about the most agile birds in the world! I’m Mrs. Cindy from No Sweat Nature Study LIVE and here we go… Hummingbirds Are Agile What does agile mean? House flies are agile. So are dragonflies. Cheetahs, chimpanzees, and border collies…

fireflies at dusk

Firefly Nature Study

Enjoy firefly nature study in the late spring and early summer when bioluminescence abounds at dusk! It’s so exciting to be back with you for another season of the NSNS podcast. This summer, we’ll be learning about all sorts of fun and interesting bite-sized topics together! Just like last season, each episode will encourage you…