40 Games to Teach History in the Homeschool

Do your children love history or do you hit walls every time you try to teach it? I hated history as a child, mostly because the textbooks were horribly boring, the teachers were dry as a crust of day-old bread, and those long lists of dates were entirely frustrating.

Given the opportunity to teach homeschool history my way, everything changed. I LOVE history now and so do my children! From the beginning, I have used great curriculum, living books, field trips, hands-on learning, and project-based learning to make history come alive.

Fantastically fun games have consistently been a surefire, hands-on way to gain history fans (and a lot of laughs), too. I thought I would share some of my favorite games to teach history with you today. I also asked my friend Jen Vail (homeschool mom to gifted kids) to add her ideas to the list, as well. Together, we’ve got a nice, big list of suggestions for you!

Games are a great way to entice reluctant learners, but they’re also perfect for giving new experiences and knowledge to your history buffs! I hope your family finds some new and exciting ways to love history with these games.

It's fun to use games to teach history in your homeschool!

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World History Games

These games to teach history feature historic figures from all over the world, significant monuments, and happenings from several periods in history. They offer an overall, well-rounded view of world history, as opposed to focusing on a specific type of history.

Some of these games are trivia-based, some are battles (like this hilarious Superfight History Deck), and some are cooperative board games, but they all have plenty to teach.

Wonder Forge Journey Through Time Eye Found It! GameCatan The Board Game, MulticolorWorld Monuments Family Board GameSuperfight History Deck: 100 Historical Themed Cards for The Game of Absurd Arguments |Family Friendly Game of Super Powers & Super Problems, for Kids Teens Adults, 3 or More Players, Ages 8+Similo History: A Fast Playing Family Card Game - Guess the Secret Historical Character, 1 Player is the Clue Giver & Others Must Guess the Character, 2-8 Players, Ages 8+, 20 minBrainBox for Kids - World History Card GameCarcassonne Board Game StandardGinger Fox Placing The Past History Themed Card Game - A Game of Time and Risk - How Well Do You Know Past EventsTimeline InventionsHistory of the World


American History Games

There is much to learn about U.S. history from these great games. You will find everything from US trivia to immersive board games that teach about the Underground Railroad or the Constitution.

Way Back When in HistoryConstitution Quest GameLucy Hammett Games USA Bingo GameTimeline 7: AmericanaOld West - Fun Card Games - Educational Deck of Playing Cards - Vintage and Interesting Old West Cards - Fun History Game - VedaCardAcademy Games Freedom - The Underground Railroad with Teaching The Underground Railroad Through Play (Teacher's Edition Bundle)Outset Media Trivia Game - American Trivia Family Edition - The America Themed Family Board GameConstitution Games We the People Fight Tyranny 3rd Edition 2017Made for TradeThe Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley by PressmanMonopoly World War II We Are All In This Together Board GameElection Night! Board Game - Winner of 2019 Parents Choice Gold Award. A Super Fun Way to Learn Essential Math, Geography and Civics While Strategizing Your Way to The White House.


Professor Noggin

Professor Noggin makes simple trivia games with wonderfully illustrated cards, covering almost any topic you may explore in your homeschool. The sheer number of history options mean that Professor Noggin deserves its own category in a list of this kind!

Educational Trivia Card Game - Professor Noggin's ExplorersProfessor Noggin's Medieval Times - A Educational Trivia Based Card Game For KidsProfessor Noggin's American Revolution - Educational Trivia Card Game for Kids - 180 Questions - Ages 7+Professor Noggin History of The United States - A Educational Trivia Based Card Game for KidsEducational Trivia Card Game - Professor Noggin's Famous InventionsEducational Trivia Card Game - Professor Noggin's Extraordinary WomenProfessor Noggin's Ancient Civilizations - Educational Trivia Card Game for Kids - 180 Questions - Ages 7+Professor Noggin's Presidents of The United States Trivia Card Game - an Educational Trivia Based Card Game for Kids - Trivia, True or False, and Multiple Choice - Ages 7+ - Contains 30 Trivia CardsProfessor Noggin's Civil War Trivia Card Game - an Educational Trivia Based Card Game for Kids - Trivia, True or False, and Multiple Choice - Ages 7+ - Contains 30 Trivia CardsProfessor Noggin's Wonders of The World Trivia Card Game - an Educational Trivia Based Card Game for Kids - Trivia, True or False, and Multiple Choice - Ages 7+ - Contains 30 Trivia Cards


Topical History

These history games are perfect for specific unit studies or periods in time. Whether you’re immersing yourself in Biblical history or Egyptian architecture, these games are incredibly intriguing and offer much more to learn than the average textbook. If you’re looking for an enriching game to compliment a theme or a relaxed way to introduce a new topic, these games are perfect for your homeschool.

Birdcage Ancient Egypt Press Go Fish Cards & BookBirdcage Press Impressionist Artists Go Fish for Art Cards & BookHarmon Games Portals and Prophets - Second PrintingAxis & Allies 1942 Second EditionSalem 1692 Board Game - Witch Hunt Game for Friends and Family - A Game of Cards, Strategy, Deceit, and Luck for 4-12 PlayersNext Move Games Azul - Stained Glass of Sintra Board Game Plan B GamesBrainBox: InventionsImhotep Builder of Egypt | Family Board Game by Kosmos | 2-4 Players | Ages 10+ | Toy of The Year Finalist | Parents Choice Gold Award Winner | Toy Insider Top Holiday Toy | Spiel Des Jahres-NominatedCentury Spice Road Board Games


History is anything but dull, and finding ways to incorporate these games into your homeschool is sure to break up the day, add in some fun, and create memories while your children learn!

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