Grandma Moses

folk artist Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses, more formally known as Anna Mary Robertson Moses, was a folk artist of the early 1900’s who didn’t begin painting until her late 70’s.  Many of her paintings shared the story of her life – scenes from the landscape around her.

We have never studied a folk artist before, so we were excited to jump into “new territory” in theme and art techniques!


Before we study an artist’s work, we try to learn at least a bit about the artist’s life and motivations.  We always enjoy the Mike Venezia books!

The Art

Because Grandma Moses only died in 1961, all of her artwork and images of her art are copyrighted – meaning I cannot post any images of the paintings we studied here on my blog.  I will link to the specific pieces we studied, though!

Since I wanted to focus on the technique of perspective, we used the following four examples to study:

The Lessons

One-Point Perspective

Using the directions found at Deep Space Sparkle, I introduced the concept of drawing perspective with the “X” method.  Watercolors and permanent markers finished off the pictures.  The finished products are fabulous!  And the technique is really very easy to teach!


Grandmas Moses Style Perspective

Another lesson on perspective was inspired by one of Kathy’s projects from Art Projects for Kids.  We replaced her Mexican structures with those more similar to the country buildings of Grandma Moses’ time.  I just love how much these lessons helped my children draw appropriate perspective better!


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  1. Thanks for the lesson pics and details. Found a great book on G Moses years ago in one of our Aussie libraries but can’t remember the title. Loved her work.

  2. Nancy from Sage Parnassus says:

    We haven’t studied Grandma Moses yet. Your post makes me want to do her very soon! I appreciate the links and resources.

    From joy to joy,

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