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A Complete List of Cindy West's Monthly Artist Studies

As a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, artist study has been a constant over the years.  While I haven’t documented all our studies, I made resources pages for many of them that I have compiled on this page for you.

Briefly: How We Do Artist Study

Most of the time, we focus on one artist per month in our home.  One day each week consists of a different picture study using one piece of art from the artist.  On that same day (art day), we will spend time reading about the artist using living literature (affiliate link) and/or trying our hands at a “copycat” art or art using the same styles or media as the artist.

That’s it.  Art and artist study once a week!

Our Artist Studies

Some of the posts contain more info than others, but each of them include at least: our picture study choices, information resources we used, and one or more of the projects we completed.

Cassatt, and another

Cezanne, and another, and another

Degas, and another



Grandma Moses








Rousseau, and another



Van Gogh, and another

A Unique Way To Add Artist Study

Painless artist study: a learning center idea

On occasion, I’ve been a tad overwhelmed with “fitting it all in”.  During those times, I’ve enjoyed putting together simple art centers that my children were expected to visit independently.

Enjoy artist study at your house!

Thank you to The Charlotte Mason Carnival for hosting this post.


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