Winter Homeschooling

Winter: long days, anxious kids, homeschool monotony?  No way!  At least it doesn’t have to be that way.  There’s lots to do to keep your homeschool vibrant in the winter!

This post rounds-up the the best of my winter learning ideas for you.  You really can enjoy the cold, gray days!

Winter Homeschooling: A Round-Up of Cindy's Posts

Nature Study

Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are just as important during the winter months as they are the rest of the year.  Why not enjoy some nature study?  There’s more to study than you might think!

Winter Nature Study is FUN

NaturExplorers studies that are great to use during the winter

These free nature in your notebook printables will help keep the winter doldrums far away from your homeschool this season!



What better time to snuggle up with some living literature than winter?  Of course, you don’t have to read only winter-themed books, but I’ve compiled a list of some of our very favorite winter books – along with activities for each of them!

Top Living Literature Picks for Winter

Game Time

Game are fun – but even better, games are super-sneaky ways to get in some additional learning time.  We love sitting around the kitchen table on cold afternoons with a warm snack and our favorite games.  I’ve put together a huge list of games organized by subject that we’ve come to love over the years.

Favorite games for homeschooling

Field Trips

Going stir crazy staying at home during the winter?  Plan some fun field trips!

Field trips get you out of the house in the winter!

Service Projects

Winter is the perfect time to get extra-involved in family service projects.  Not only does it get you out of the house, but helping others makes the long days much brighter!

Service Projects: a great thing to keep you busy on the long days of winter

Learning Centers

Once schoolbooks are put aside for the day, my kiddos often still have many hours of the day ahead of them.  To encourage some productive, independent time, I sometimes put out fun learning centers.  They’re easy to put together!

Learning Centers make a nice change during the winter

Sick Schooling

Unfortunately, the winter season often ushers in some sick days.  When my kiddos feel well enough to do something, but not quite well enough to get off the couch, I have a plan in place.


Winter Learning Ideas Hangout

I had the pleasure of taking part in iHomeschool’s Winter Learning Ideas Google+ Hangout where several great ideas were shared to keep your entire family active and engaged during the winter months.  Enjoy the Hangout video (below) or enjoy the Podcast.

Feel free to share your tips and tricks for winter learning in the comments!

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