Sick Schooling

Making the most of sick days

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We recently had one of those days – I mean weeks.  You know, when everyone feels just good enough to do something, but not good enough to do a normal day of school.

What to do so the week isn’t a total flop?  Sick Schooling…

We pulled out all sorts of low-key learning and ended up having a great week!  A little family reading time, several educational DVD’s and a few easy going games pulled us through – and we actually learned quite a lot!  These were on our agenda this round…

How Should We Then Live? (10 DVD’s) – AMAZING.  In this series of (10) 30-minute DVD’s, Francis Schaeffer takes you from ancient history through modern times (1980’s) explaining the rise and fall of modern Western culture.  I was shocked at how timely these videos were!  They are best for high school and older, but our whole family watched them and each session inspired lots of discussion.

Liberty’s Kids: Complete Series – This series of 30 minute animated DVD’s was originally aired on PBS.  Each episode takes you into Revolutionary times through the eyes of several fictional characters who meet the big-time real players in the American Revolution.  All of us enjoyed these DVD’s, even 6yo Eli.

Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity – What a GREAT book!  It’s written for girls, but when boys are too sick to either leave the room or complain, there is a lot for them to learn from a read-aloud of this book, too.  Love, love, love that this book promotes focusing on Christ and His work rather than romantic teenage relationships.  The purity talk is gentle, but serious – and not overly legalistic.

10 Days In The USA Game – We actually played several of the games in the 10 Days series.  They make such a fun way to learn world geography and practice logic at the same time!

You’ve Been Sentenced – We love this grammar game that helps build strong (albeit silly) sentences.  I’ve really seen the strength of Caleb’s sentences in writing improve since we started playing this game.

As each child felt like it, they dabbled in the kitchen, listened to books on tape, played educational computer games and pulled out the art supplies.  We even got in a short (and slow) nature walk.

What do y’all do on “those” days to make learning happen?


  1. Great ideas, Cindy! We don’t have a sick week this week, but a very BUSY week with outside activities during “school hours”. I’ll use these ideas to make sure our busy week isn’t a educational “flop” week 🙂 I think the kids will be very excited to get to some of the “fun” and different things we don’t seem to have time for in a regular schooling week.

  2. Since we are trying to get pregnant again, my mind has been wondering about the same thing but my concern is “Morning Sickness School” which doesn’t last just in the morning. I have been making up a bunch of file folder games and searching the web for appropriate educational games. My children also LOVE watching The Magic School Bus DVDs. Educational board games and card games are also a big hit.

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