The Christmas Cookie Mystery Science Experiment for Kids

Is Christmas really the time for mystery and intrigue? Yes! Especially if it involves a sneaky little elf, Mrs. Clause, and cookies!

In this scientific case, solve the Christmas cookie mystery to determine which ingredients Mrs. Clause can safely use. You see, a troublesome elf thought it would be funny to play a trick on poor Mrs. Clause. It’s up to you to help Mrs. Clause get all the ingredients sorted out so that cookies can be made in time for Christmas!

I often talk about Christmas science through the lens of nature study, but chemistry is pretty fun, too! In this hands-on investigation, your children will observe various properties through physical and chemical reactions to make determinations about mystery ingredients.

various Christmas sugar cookies scattered on a table

Christmas Chemistry for Kids

The Case of the Christmas Cookie Mystery was written by the wonderful folks at The Science Spot. It’s a hands-on investigation to determine which mystery powder mixture contains the correct ingredients for baking cookies.

Through simple chemistry experiments, children observe and note various properties. Whether or not the mixtures bubble, change colors in response to heat, or melt will help determine the correct mixture.

Christmas Cookie Mystery

Note: This experiment requires a parent to gather the materials and prepare the mystery mixtures. Because one of the tests includes the fire of a candle, a parent is required to be present for the entirety of the activity.

Mystery of the Christmas Cookie Experiment

Yes, it takes a little time on your part to set up the mystery, but it’s worth the effort! You’ll need to gather the following supplies:

  • baking soda
  • baking powder
  • powdered sugar
  • cornstarch
  • flour
  • baby powder
  • water
  • vinegar
  • iodine
  • a candle in a secure candle holder
  • matches
  • aluminum foil
  • cups or ziplock baggies (to hold the mystery mixtures)
  • a marker (to label the mystery mixtures)
  • copies of the lab sheets found at The Science Spot
  • pencil

You can find the printable activity directions and worksheets at The Science Spot.

Mystery of the Christmas Cookie Experiment

Christmas Cookie Baking

Of course, the most obvious next step is to make some real Christmas cookies to enjoy with friends and family this season! Both cookie baking and the cookie mystery are great for groups if you care to invite friends over for the day.

Completing the experiment and baking cookies takes a nice chunk of time from the school day. Funschooling often does. But consider this: Between both activities, it’s easy to cover math, science, and life skills. Add in a few Christmas read-alouds and a little Christmas math and you have a complete day of school!

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