Out of This World Homeschool Logic

I’m a big believer in homeschool logic and critical thinking here at Our Journey Westward. It’s been such a fun and important addition to our homeschool!

When I come across new (to me) resources that are really good, I love sharing them with you. Finding logic and critical thinking resources isn’t as easy as finding curricula for the more typical homeschooling subjects. And sadly, not all logic activities are worth the money. The series I’m sharing with you today is definitely worth the money!

These homeschool logic books are great for 3rd-7th graders!

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Homeschool Logic is More Than Matrix Puzzles

In many instances, the homeschool logic materials my family enjoys the most are full of matrix puzzles. Matrix puzzles are challenging and require lots of exciting concentration. While they ARE awesome tools for logic, there is more to logic and critical thinking than just matrix puzzles.

Other logic and critical thinking skills include:

  • Sequences order things.
  • Analogies make relationship comparisons.
  • Logical Notation uses symbols to represent variables.
  • Truth Values determine the truth of logical thoughts.
  • Logic Diagrams use pictures to determine logical conclusions.
  • Syllogisms are a series of statements that form an argument and draw a reasonable conclusion.
  • Deductions make determinations based on clues. (Matrix puzzles fit into this category.)
  • Inferences draw conclusions based on evidence and reasoning.
  • Illogical Reasoning leads to fallacies, otherwise known as poor reasoning.

Each of these logical skills not only stretches the brain but enhances critical thinking in all areas of life. Not to mention, mastery of logical skills can specifically improve performance in subjects like math, science, and reading comprehension!

A great logic/critical thinking set of books for 3rd-7th grades.

Homeschool Logic That’s Out of This World

All of this may sound complex, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, you can practice all the logic skills above easily with children as young as 3rd grade! How? By using an “out-of-this-world” series by Bonnie Risby that includes three titles:

Logic Countdown

Logic Liftoff

Orbiting with Logic

Logic Countdown, Grades 3-4Logic Countdown, Grades 3-4Logic Liftoff, Grades 4-6Logic Liftoff, Grades 4-6Orbiting with Logic (Blast Off with Logic)Orbiting with Logic (Blast Off with Logic)


Logic Countdown is for 3rd and 4th graders, Logic Liftoff is for 4th through 6th graders, and Orbiting with Logic is for 5th through 7th graders. Each book practices the various types of logic in several quick worksheet activities. 

While the workbooks build upon each other, it isn’t necessary to start with Logic Countdown if your child is already older. However, there is no harm in starting with Logic Countdown no matter how old your children are.

Logic Worksheets for Kids

Take a peek at the jam-packed, but not overwhelming worksheets. They keep the attention of my kids! Each book contains at least 50 worksheets and an answer key. We typically complete between one and three worksheets per lesson.

These are sample pages from Bonnie Risby's awesome logic workbooks.

I’m not always a fan of worksheets, but these are worthwhile. They include clear directions and meaningful activities that train children to think logically in everything from sequencing and analogies to deductions and inferences. They are challenging, but engaging – the perfect combination.

Are you looking for more logic and critical thinking ideas?



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  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this series, and your favorite logic resources as well. I will be looking into these soon. Would you say these are your preferred over the other ones?? I would like to try them all, but I don’t think we would be able to so I’ll need to pick and choose. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  2. GC, they are really good and are my top choice for the logical skills I mentioned. Really, they are some of the only books for elementary and middle school ages I’ve found to even include those skills. If you’re looking for logic matrix puzzles, my top pick is the Mind Benders series. If you could afford one book of each series, that would probably be best.

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