Logic and Critical Thinking in the Homeschool


Logic and critical thinking are “critical” for every homeschool because they train children to think. Trained thinking helps children of all ages in every situation from academics to attitudes. This masterclass with show you exactly how to implement logic and critical thinking easily!

Homeschool logic and critical thinking are of utmost importance because they train our children to be good thinkers. And, of course, one of our main goals as parents is to raise good thinkers!

Good thinking is important for so many reasons. On a practical level for us as parents, children who can stop and think make life much easier on us. Additionally, thinking logically is actually a very important executive functioning skill, alongside attention, memory, processing, and comprehension. Together, they allow us to go through life making good decisions and managing tasks effectively.

If logical thinking is one of the main executive functioning skills, you can imagine that it’s pretty important to target specifically. You’ll be so glad to know that homeschool logic and critical thinking activities are generally motivating because they are tons of fun!

How is logic different from critical thinking. Honestly, they’re basically the same, but there are some official distinctions. Logic is more about looking at the facts, while critical thinking is more about questioning information. In both cases, higher-order thinking skills are necessary – which is always a wonderful thing!

In this masterclass, you will learn A BUNCH of tactics for teaching homeschool logic and critical thinking. We’ll discuss ideas for students of all ages from preschool through high school. You’ll leave the class:

  • understanding the significance of logic and critical thinking,
  • armed with activities for all ages to implement right away,
  • loaded with inexpensive curriculum ideas,
  • ready to play fun games, and
  • motivated to easily include the activities in your homeschool schedule.

Bring along a notebook and something to write with because you’ll be taking lots of notes. Don’t be surprised when I ask you to try your hand at some of the activities yourself during the class!

We always learn a lot and have fun together during Homeschool Masterclasses, but this one is going to be especially fun. That’s exactly how I hope logic and critical thinking are in your homeschool eventually, too!

All Homeschool Masterclass attendees get access to a private Facebook group where questions and successes can be shared and celebrated with like-minded parents. 

Approximately 1.5 hours of training that you can access as often as you like


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