Strong Baby!

Wow!  I took these pictures about a week ago when Eli was 3 weeks old.  He has already turned from his side to his belly a couple of times and from his belly to his back a few times.  This was going from belly to back.

Book Review: Jotham’s Journey

  Wow.  That’s the best word I can think of to describe this book.  Written as a daily read-aloud for Advent, or the days leading up to Christmas Day, Jotham’s Journey is part historical fiction, part devotional – and all page-turning, spine-tingling adventure pointing the way to the One who was our ultimate gift! The…

Caleb’s Days

Caleb told me the other day that first grade sure is harder than Kindergarten!  He’s right.  I’m expecting a lot more from him this year, but nothing he can’t handle.  He’s a very active child and would much prefer to climb a tree than do a phonics page.  I make sure he has PLENTY of…

Happy At Home

Whatever the answer to our rut, I know God will put us back on track soon.  He always has, and there have been many ruts in the road on our journey so far.  The hardest part about a rut is that Satan loves to find you in one.  For me, that’s the time when he…

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