A 60th Birthday Party

My Daddy is turning 60.  Twenty-four years ago on my Mom’s 30th birthday, my Dad surprised her with a party full of friends and family.  It took her quite a long time to repay the favor, but she successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party for him this year!

We had such a good time!  Sorry, there are no pictures from the party.  My digital camera decided to stop working on this important night!  There are plenty of pictures on my Mom’s camera, though!

My sister put together a Power Point presentation of all sorts of pictures my Mom dug up from the past 60 years of my Dad’s life.  She put it to “oldies” music.  It turned out beautifully!

My Dad doesn’t need a thing materially, so I struggled for quite some time with what to give him for such a momentous birthday.  My friend, Jody, told me of an idea she did for her dad that turned out to be a hit, so I grabbed the idea and ran.  I wrote my Dad a letter with 60 memories I have of him.  I printed it on pretty scrapbook paper and put it in a leather scrapbook journal.  It’s a gift I hope he’ll treasure for years to come!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

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