Columbus Day Science

Our Fun Friday activity this week focused on Columbus Day.  We did the sink or float experiment from Science Projects for Holidays Throughout the Year.  After doing some basic experimentation on what objects sink or float, we moved on to asking the question, “Does sinking and floating make a difference in salt water vs. fresh water?”

Basically, you make a saturated salt water solution (we put 1/2+ cup of salt in a quart jar of water and shook until all the salt was dissolved.)  Then you tape a little cm ruled paper strip in two clear plastic cups.  Place the object you want to test in one of the cups and place it in the salt water.  See where the water reaches on the cm strip and record it.  Place the same object in the other cup and place it in the fresh water.  See where the water reaches and record it.  After doing this with several objects, your children should see that things float better in the salt water.

Over the weekend or on Monday, we’ll probably do some or all of the fun website activities below.  I hope you find some good ideas to add to your studies!

Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude – a very good shackwave game.

Online info “book” and quiz

Columbus CyberHunt – very cool!

Columbus Math Mystery

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