Really Weird Plants Nature Study

This nature study about really weird plants just might blow your mind. There are some amazingly outrageous plants around the world!

From plants that look like they came straight out of a scary movie to plants that actually eat animals, there are hundreds of plants you could study during a weird plants nature study. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn about two: the black bat flower and the sandbox tree.

Weird plants can be so fascinating! Kids of all ages will enjoy this study!

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Really Weird Plants Nature Study

The unique names of many strange plants are given to them to describe what they actually look like. That’s definitely the case for the black bat flower. As you listen to the podcast episode, you’ll hear all about the parts of the flower that look very much like bat wings. And, you’ll be surprised to know that these beautiful, black flowers also happen to look a little like cats, too!

Black bat flower

As for the sandbox tree, it didn’t get its name because of the way it looks. Instead, the name comes from one of its uses in the olden days. The fruit of this spiky, poisonous tree was once used as a little bowl to hold sand for blotting ink from old-fashioned pens that required dipping into ink. As you can see from the picture below, it’s not quite as welcoming or fun as any sandbox we’re used to!

Spiky sandbox tree trunk

I sure hope you’ll listen to the podcast episode to learn more about these two interesting plants!

Really Weird Plants Nature Walk Challenge

You can be prepared for the podcast nature walk challenge by gathering the following supplies ahead of time:

  • nature journal or blank, white paper
  • markers

Weird Plants Nature Study Class

This podcast has a companion No Sweat Nature Study VIDEO CLASS that your entire family can enjoy together. In this nature-based science class, learn about and draw several weird plants like the doll’s eye plant, living stones, corpse lily, bucket orchids, and more!

Some of the interesting plants are carnivorous, some are deadly, and some are just creepy looking. You’ll love this oddly fascinating lesson and slightly strange nature journaling!

Do you want to learn some fun facts about weird plants? This nature study will suit students of all ages.

Plant Nature Study Curriculum

The lessons in any of the following studies will help your family to learn more about plants in general. Note that fungi aren’t plants, but a study of fungi would pair very well with a lesson on weird things that grow in nature! Click on any of the images below to learn more about a specific study.

Links and Resources

The supplies below can help you make the most of this episode’s weird plant nature study. Please scroll down to download the free Podcast Plus+ Packet. It includes specific suggested readings from the Handbook of Nature Study for you.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms (National Audubon Society Field Guides)National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers--E: Eastern Region - Revised Edition (National Audubon Society Field Guides)Peterson Field Guide To Mushrooms Of North America, Second Edition (Peterson Field Guides)Canson 100510926 XL Mix Media Paper Pad, 98 Pound, 7 x 10 Inch, 60 Sheets36 Colors Brush Pens Markers for Adult Coloring Books,Calligraphy Markers for Lettering,Dual Tip Brush Pens for Kids Drawing,Color Markers Fine Tip Pens for Art,Journal Planner,Doodle(36pcs)


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