The Harvest Moon

The harvest moon is one of the big, beautiful full moons of the autumn season. Children will love learning how it got its name and why it looks the way it does in this homeschool nature study!

The moon has fascinated folks since the beginning of time. It’s such a beautiful, yet mysterious object that loyally hangs around in the night sky. In this episode of the No Sweat Nature Study Podcast, some of the mysteries are solved with special attention to the unique fall moon called the harvest moon.

The moon can be  breathtaking. Learn all about what makes the Harvest Moon special!

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Harvest Moon Nature Study

Learning about the moon is a must for any good study of astronomy. It’s a fascinating topic that will leave children (and adults) in as much awe after the study as there was before the study. While we certainly know a lot about the moon, it still seems almost unbelievable and magical to consider how it stays in Earth’s orbit month after month, year after year.

How it reflects wonderful light from the sun to give us a light in the night sky makes sense enough, but again, it seems magnificently magical. Add to these explainable mysteries the big, oddly colored moons of the autumn season and you have some exciting learning anytime the moon is the topic of study!

In this podcast episode, learn about the 29.5-day moon cycle and all of its waxing and waning phases. Of course, no moon study is complete without touching on the reflective light we see from the sun as the moon and earth make their regular orbits. And, of course, the oddly beautiful harvest moon is explained with details about the origins of its name.

Full harvest moon and silhouette tree on night dark blue s

Harvest Moon Nature Walk Challenge

Be prepared for the podcast nature walk challenge by gathering a few supplies ahead of time:

  • nature journal or blank, white paper
  • watercolors or acrylic paints
moon phases chart

Harvest Moon Video Class

In the companion No Sweat Nature Study LIVE class, enjoy a 45-minute video lesson with Mrs. Cindy to dive much deeper into a harvest moon study. You’ll create a moon phase nature journal page as you learn more about the Autumnal equinox and the harvest moon. Discover the reasons behind the names for the big, beautiful moons of autumn, and even some of the effects the moon has on nature, too!

moon and tree at night

Moon Music Study

Mrs. Gena Mayo of Music in Your Homeschool has created a special music lesson about the moon that she would like to share with you, too! Her lesson includes exciting music inspired by the moon that will add a wonderful layer to your learning.

moon and clouds

Nighttime Nature Study Curriculum

Nighttime nature study is full of possibilities! Learn more about the amazing objects in the night sky by using the 8-week Space Observations study. Or, turn your focus toward creatures of the night by using the 8-week Nocturnal Animals study or the more in-depth Flying Creatures of the Night NaturExplorers guide.

Links and Resources

The supplies below can help you make the most of this episode’s moon study. Please scroll down to download the free Podcast Plus+ Packet. It includes specific suggested readings from the Handbook of Nature Study for you.

Handbook of Nature StudyThe Handbook Of Nature Study in Color - Earth and SkyField Guide to the Night Sky (National Audubon Society Field Guides)Canson 100510926 XL Mix Media Paper Pad, 98 Pound, 7 x 10 Inch, 60 SheetsAmazon Basics Premium Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 24 Count (Pack of 1)Upgraded 48 Colors Watercolor Paint, Washable Watercolor Paint Set with 3 Paint Brushes and Palette, Non-toxic Water Color Paints Sets for Kids, Adults, Beginners and Artists, Make Your Painting TalkGIVERARE Picnic Beach Blanket, XL Sandfree Waterproof Outdoor Camping Blankets, Quick Drying Family Mat, Portable Extra Large Mats for Travel, Hiking, Music Festival, Lawn


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