Wonderful Wildflowers


Wildflower nature study can take place during each and every season – even winter. Boys and girls alike will enjoy these lessons!

Aah, wildflowers. Just picturing them brings to mind a warm, sunny day, doesn’t it? God has created such an abundance of flowers for us to enjoy that you won’t want to miss this wildflower nature study!

Spring, summer or fall, once you start looking, you’ll be in awe of the huge variety of wildflowers growing everywhere, even in the crack of a sidewalk! You might be surprised that winter walks can also yield some wildflower discoveries.

More than 25 creative nature walks will help you take the time to find as many of these beauties as possible. From completing scavenger hunts to taking your artist tools with you on a walk, you’ll find yourself joyfully observing each and every wildflower you find.

Beside observations, these nature walks will help you:

  • learn flower parts and functions
  • note growth and changes
  • make comparisons between flowers
  • discover plant families
  • identify adaptations
  • find pollinators
  • chart seed types

As you start discovering the bountiful flower varieties in your area, you’ll enjoy many of these walks over and over again for years to come!

Once back inside, you can choose from more than 40 hands-on activities and research projects to continue learning about the importance of flowers. You might:

dissect a flower

build a flower model with all the appropriate parts

diagram a flower’s life cycle

create a poster about pollinators

learn about invasive wildflowers in your area

plan a wildflower garden for your own backyard

determine how to identify traditional medicinal plants

and so much more!

With 15 notebooking pages included, you won’t run out of unique ideas for finding and studying wildflowers for quite some time. In fact, after years of wildflower nature walks ourselves, we’re still making new discoveries!

As the reproductive system for angiosperms (flowering plants), learning about flowers is something you won’t want to miss as part of your plant biology studies!

57 pages, digital curriculum



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