The Top 10 Posts That Rocked 2014

Our Journey Westward specializes in creative homeschooling with a Charlotte Mason flare.  This is a list of her top 10 most-visited posts of 2014.

I’ve never been much on blog statistics.  I write what I write because I love to share homeschool encouragement and, in turn, document this wonderful journey our family has chosen.

Statistics happen to be part of blogging, though, so I take a peek at them once in awhile just to see if anything I’ve written has made an impact.  It truly warms my heart when I know one of my little ol’ posts has become useful to my sweet readers!

I thought you might like to know, too, which posts rose to the top in 2014.

Top 10 Posts of 2014

1.  Armor of God

Armor of God Object Lesson | Our Journey Westward

This object lesson on the Armor of God has consistently been one of my most viewed posts for several years now!

2.  Weekly Lesson Notebooks

Weekly Lesson Notebooks | Our Journey Westward

Organization and planning always strike a chord around here.  This post goes section-by-section through my children’s weekly planners and my homeschool planner.

3. Around the USA Study

Around the USA Elementary Homeschool Unit Study

Y’all love living literature and I {heart} you because of it!  Living literature has been one of THE most beneficial staples in our homeschool from preschool through high school.  My little guy and I are currently traveling around the USA one picture book at a time – and loving it!

4.  Elementary Charlotte Mason Planner

Free Charlotte Mason homeschooling weekly planner for elementary grades

This simple little planner that I pulled together on a whim is not only working really well for me, but it continues to be viewed and downloaded like crazy.  I surely hope it’s blessing some of you!

5.  Our Typical Charlotte Mason Schedule

Daily CM Homeschool Schedule

This is another post that has seen consistent traffic over several years.  I love that so many people are interested in making a Charlotte Mason education work.

6.  13 Colonies Travel Brochure

Thirteen Colonies Travel Brochure

Of all my project-based learning ideas, this one seems to make people the happiest.  It really is a great project for all ages that can be tweaked for any subject.

7.  Human Body Systems Unit Study

Human Body Unit Study

Since this was one of my very favorite units to teach over the years, I can see why it’s one of your very favorite units to visit on my site.  I can’t wait to teach this again with Eli before long!

8.  10 Living Books for Christian Teen Girls

Cindy's top 10 list of books for Christian teen girls.  Good picks!

Considering I also have a 10 Living Books for Christian Teen Boys post and a 10 Living Books for Christian Kids post, I’m not sure why this one seems to be more popular.  Are more of us homeschooling girls all the way through?  Hmmm.

9.  How to Plan a Unit Study

Planning a Unit Study

Planning a unit study doesn’t have to be hard.  I’ve tried to make it as clear and simple as possible – which I hope is one reason this series of posts is popular.

10.  Ultimate Guide to Nature Study

The Ultimate Guide to Nature Study from Cindy at Our Journey Westward

This really is an ultimate guide and a one-stop spot for everything nature study.  I’m so thankful it seems to do exactly what it was intended to do…help people get great ideas for easy nature study.

And, there you have it.  Were any of the top 10 your favorites, too?

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  1. Kortney Garrison says:

    Love this collection of posts, Cindy. I’m especially looking forward to reading through your CM series archives. Thanks for your fine work. Peace keep you.

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