Night at the Museum Party

Night at the Museum Co-op Party at Our Journey Westward

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Night at the Museum Movie: Watch and Learn

Short and Sweet Version: Co-op Class Only Meets Twice

First Meeting:  Everyone watches the movie, Night at the Museum, together.  This meeting is strictly for fun.

At Home:  Each child chooses either an historical character from the movie, another interesting person from a time period covered in the movie, or a particular time period in general.  She should research the person and/or time period and create a project to share for the next meeting.

Second Meeting:  Children bring their projects, dress in character and bring a food dish representing their era.  Everyone gets a chance to present their projects and enjoy the food dishes.

Longer Version: A Semester Long Co-op Class

Our group did not do this activity as a semester course, but it could easily be done.

  • The first class period (or two) should involve watching the movie together.
  • Each subsequent class could focus on chronological lessons about the time periods and/or people mentioned in the movie.  Literature, hands-on projects, group research and/or mapping, field trips, etc. could all be used as class content.
  • The last few weeks should consist of brainstorming/planning/working sessions for final class projects.
  • The final class should include presentations, costumes and food as mentioned above.  This would be especially nice as an evening event that entire families could attend!

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  1. Love that idea! I can’t wait to share it with my homeschool group.

  2. What a great idea!!

    What about Treasure Island-dress up like pirates and form teams and go on a Treasure hunt?

    Swiss FAmily Robinson-give each “family” sticks and things to make their own miniature tree fort.

    If I think of more, I’ll let you know!


  3. Cindy,

    Your feed is not coming through for me properly. Every now and then I get an entry. Or sometimes I get a whole bunch. But you’re posting regularly, and I’m not seeing regular posts via Bloglines.

    I saw you were featured on Crafty Crow! Horray! And that made me remember to come find out why I never see anything from you anymore.
    Any ideas as to what I can do to get your feed?

  4. Thought of another. Around the world in 80 days-do a poster board of the country, bring a food, etc

  5. What a creative idea! We have been talking about this movie as my homeschool group bats around the idea of a NYC day trip to the museum… this would be a great follow up project!!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I love your event – this is great! My girfriend planned a Prairie Party for a group of families and it went off wonderfully. We’ll never forget it. I posted it here if you’d like to see:

  7. Seems fun!
    (Your pictures didn’t show up for me)

  8. what cool ideas!

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