Abe Lincoln Celebration

The Kentucky Historical Museum is a gem for KY homeschoolers.  This past weekend, they put on a HUGE event to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  Since Civil War history is just around the corner for us, of course we decided to go!

Meeting Abe and Mary

Period Dancing

An Awesome Special Museum Exhibit

Becoming Abe and Mary

One of MANY Activities

KY homeschoolers – If you’re ever in Frankfort for other field trips, the museum would make a great addition to your day!

Since we were in Frankfort, we decided to make a quick stop at the cemetery to visit Daniel Boone’s grave since he was part of our Westward Expansion unit study.

And take a look at the view from his grave site!

We love field trips!  (Even if they are on a Saturday!)


  1. I was born in Frankfort and most of my extended family still lives there. I remember my mother taking us to visit Daniel Boone’s grave several times. As I get older I seem to miss Kentucky more. I hope to visit soon.

  2. Thank you for the recommendation. We will be near Frankfort this summer and are looking for some interesting sites to visit. We also are in the middle of Western Expansion and have recently studied Daniel Boone.

  3. Here in Gettysburg, Pa, they opened the Wills House, where Lincoln finished the Gettysburg Address and it was free for county residents to go. The National Park Service also offered free admission to the Visitor’s Ceneter museum. It was a very Lincoln kind of day.

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