A Homeschool Resume Can Help You Value Yourself as a Teacher

Please enjoy this guest post from Courtney Day about the encouragement you can find by writing a homeschool resume. It’s such a great idea to help you realize your worth and see your successes as a homeschool teacher!

“Congratulations,  you’ve got the job! You’re hired!”

“Huh? I didn’t… I’m sorry, what job?” I was trying to make sense of the words. He had woken me up to have this conversation and sleep hung over me like a fog.

“I’ve chosen you to homeschool your children. You will be their teacher, you’ll guide them throughout their education.”

“Oooohhhhhhh.” Sudden clarity rushed over me and I wasn’t pleased with what I was hearing. Firm and politely I replied, “Thank you, but no. There seems to be a mixup. I didn’t apply for this job and I’m not exactly qualified. I don’t have the right degree, I wasn’t a great student, time management isn’t my strongest quality…  Should I continue?”  (Sweetly Smiling)

“Nope, there’s no mixup. The job is yours.” (Big Grin – Ok, I couldn’t actually see His face, but I imagine there was a Big Grin.)

“How do I say this gently? I don’t want the job. Please understand, I’m flattered that you even considered me, but I do not want to homeschool my children.” 

“You don’t seem to be getting this. I’ve made up my mind. You will homeschool.”

“Fine. I’ll agree on one condition – you have to convince my husband. I will not fight that battle for you. He will be completely against this nonsense. Best of luck to you.”  At this point, I was certain I had won. (Smug Smile)

“Agreed,” said the God of the Universe, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Alpha and Omega, My Heavenly Father.

A few days later, with terrible timing, which was purposefully chosen I approached my husband, “I think we should homeschool the kids.”

Husband replied without hesitation, “Agreed. It’s the best choice.” 

And there I stood with my mouth hanging open.

(Smug Smile) – God of the Universe

Writing a homeschool resume can be a great way to see your value and successes as a homeschool teacher.

The above conversations are real, they took place about 10 years ago. No, I did not see the face of God or hear an audible voice from Heaven, but I knew what He was calling me to and I was trying to find a way out. 

Side note: (You have my full permission to reread and laugh at my overly confident argument with God as often as you’d like. Screenshot it. Pull it up every time you’re having a hard day and pat yourself on the back for not being as foolish as the girl who thought she outwitted God.) 

I had three children and number four would soon be on the way. I truly felt like the least qualified person to educate my children. When I finally relented and gave into obedience to God’s calling, I was overcome with peace. Not because I was suddenly convinced that I could do this, but because I trusted God to equip me. 

I started making plans to attend a homeschool convention with friends and learn about various curriculum choices. I spoke to everyone I knew that homeschooled and asked lots of questions. I read every book I could find on homeschooling, teaching and learning styles. I prepared myself with answers to friends and family expecting them to balk at our choice, they didn’t. Not one person expressed disapproval, which further solidified my trust in God’s plan. 

Then September came and I started kindergarten with my oldest son. He is a freshman in high school this year. We have survived 9 years of homeschooling, successfully, and are currently working through year 10.

Late this summer before we began our school year, I was given the opportunity to sit down and write out my resume. Admittedly, it felt a little silly at first. I’m a homeschool mom, there’s really not a lot to put on a resume. Or so I thought. 

I had to actually research what to include in a resume because it had been so long since I wrote one out. I remember learning about including education, work experience, and maybe a truly special skill like speaking a second language or possibly a prestigious award, but only if it was valuable information to the employer you’re seeking a position with. They were really cut and dry, emphasis on the dry. 

Today’s resume is different. It’s lovely and has space for real life experience, special skills, and everything listed above. 

As I began to write it out and list my skills and accomplishments in homeschooling, something unexpected happened. My value began increasing in my own eyes. I was getting a glimpse of how I believe My Father in Heaven sees me. I started to understand, maybe for the first time, that I am the best choice for instructing my children. 

As I listed each skill, my confidence was renewed. When I recalled some of the difficult subjects I’ve taught, I thanked God for wisdom. My heart was gladdened when I thought of all the opportunities for writing and speaking I’ve had because I was obedient to homeschool.

I’d like to encourage each reader to take a few minutes and write out a resume. It really takes only between 5-10 minutes. Seeing everything you’ve accomplished is so good for the soul. I pray you know exactly how valuable you are.  

This has been a guest post written by Courtney Day. She has been homeschooling for 9 years and resides in rural Kentucky with her husband and their four children.  She is a freelance writer and speaker with a desire to encourage parents in their homeschooling journey by drawing from her own experiences.  Her hobbies include gardening, reading, kickboxing and long distance running.  You’ll often find her serving at the local food bank or fundraising for a worthy cause, just look for The Girl in Yellow.  Contact Courtney at girlinyellow2020@yahoo.com

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