Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason homeschooling encompasses everything that is wonderful about homeschooling.  Gentle lessons in a literature-rich environment, short lessons that focus on real-life with plenty of opportunity to explore the world indoors and out.  And, these are just a few of the reasons I love this style of homeschooling!  In these articles, my goal is to share the wonder, joy and creativity of the Charlotte Mason style, while giving you plenty of ideas and practical advice for implementing it in your own home.  Enjoy!

Charlotte Mason Series Q&A

I promised a Q&A follow-up from the CM Series and here it is.  I hope I found all the questions!  If not, or if you think of additional questions, please let me know!  The Q&A is in no particular order, so I hope you can muddle through it without too much frustration. Corrie – I’ve…

If You Give a Girl a Needle

She might design a purse! Because of our Charlotte Mason style homeschool, I’ve encouraged handicrafts such as sewing, crocheting and knitting from the very beginning.  I’ve enlisted the help of a 90+ year old neighbor, a grandmother and a 4-H sewing class – for, you see, I’m not good at any of these skills! Mahayla…

Lessons at Blackberry Inn

Ah, it’s summer break and I’ve finally found some time to nourish “mother culture”.  Charlotte Mason encouraged momma’s to dive into living books, too!  If we’re truly encouraging the idea of a lifelong love of learning in our homes, then we must also love learning.  (I must admit that my “selfish” moments of “learning” are…

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