Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason homeschooling encompasses everything that is wonderful about homeschooling.  Gentle lessons in a literature-rich environment, short lessons that focus on real-life with plenty of opportunity to explore the world indoors and out.  And, these are just a few of the reasons I love this style of homeschooling!  In these articles, my goal is to share the wonder, joy and creativity of the Charlotte Mason style, while giving you plenty of ideas and practical advice for implementing it in your own home.  Enjoy!

Artist Study – Durer

I love Discovering Great Artists!  I’ve used it in our home and in a co-op art class.  This lesson came from the book. Albrecht Durer did paintings, watercolors, drawing and woodcuts.  We tried our hand at woodblock printing, which was one of Durer’s specialties.  You take wood blocks and hammer metal objects into the wood to make impressions. …

Keepers At Home

What a pleasure this group has been!  This summer, a few moms of girls ages 8-12 got together to organize a Keepers At Home group.  We meet twice a month and use the Keepers At Home Handbook as a loose guide when planning what to teach the girls.  The moms take turns teaching classes – choosing what we feel…

Caleb’s Days

Caleb told me the other day that first grade sure is harder than Kindergarten!  He’s right.  I’m expecting a lot more from him this year, but nothing he can’t handle.  He’s a very active child and would much prefer to climb a tree than do a phonics page.  I make sure he has PLENTY of…

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