World Geography Projects

One of the end-of-the-year writing projects I gave the kids was to research any country of interest around the world and create a report and presentation. What resulted were some pretty amazing world geography projects!

World Geography Projects | Our Journey Westward

I only gave a few parameters for the world geography projects and reports:

  • The report needed to include nice-sized paragraphs, correct grammar/punctuation/spelling, and be more than simple facts.  In other words, I wanted them to infuse a little opinion into the information, too.
  • They had to include at least the following topics, but could include others if desired: where in the world (maps), a brief history, current day culture such as food, clothing, homes, etc., things that are native to the country such as animals and crops, how Christianity is accepted and what other religions are popular, and if any famous missionaries ever worked there.
  • The project board needed to be colorful and visually pleasing, as well as providing the audience something to look at as the presentation was made.

I continue to be amazed at how much ownership my children take in their learning when preparing for a project!

Missions Oriented

Project-based learning about world history with a missions focus

Mahayla chose Uganda since her Sunday school class sponsors a child from Uganda through Holt International. The project became very personal and worthwhile for her as she learned more about the area where her little friend, Ruth, lives.

History Inspired

Caleb chose South Africa since we recently learned about Apartheid and Nelson Mandela during our 20th century history studies.  The project helped him distinguish between a current day country and how it is alike and different from the United States.

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