Tornado Nature Study: A Safety Episode for the Entire Family

Learning about natural disasters can be scary for children, but it’s important to understand them to be safe in an emergency. Hear a personal story from Mrs. Cindy’s childhood as she describes some signs and safety tips in this tornado nature study.

Tornadoes are one of nature’s fiercest weather phenomena. Understanding their strength and destructive capabilities can ensure we take them seriously when the time comes. Even if your family doesn’t live in an area where tornadoes are common, Mrs. Cindy’s personal story is intriguing.

Tornado Nature Study

How many questions can you answer after listening to the episode?

  1. What strange thing happened outside just before a tornado warning when Mrs. Cindy was young?
  2. Why do some towns test tornado sirens every week during the spring?
  3. In which season are tornadoes most likely to occur?
  4. Why did Mrs. Cindy hide in a closet in her bathroom during a tornado warning?
  5. Name the three main tips to stay safe during a tornado.
  6. What type of building should you go inside during a tornado warning?
  7. Why should you cover yourself with a pillow or wear a helmet during a tornado?
  8. Name at least one clue that a tornado could form or has formed.
tornado touching down

Tornadoes Nature Study Video Class

In the upcoming No Sweat Nature Study LIVE video class about tornadoes, create a nature journal page about the anatomy of a tornado. Expect to draw a tornado and label the parts as you learn how tornadoes form and why these spinning clouds are so destructive. View a map of “tornado alley” and discover why tornadoes are more likely to form there.

The video class will be very informative and help children understand why safety measures are so important during a tornado warning. Learn the differences between a tornado watch and a warning, and see how meteorologists make these predictions.

Dark grey tornado in a grey sky touches down on land. This image is for an advertisement for a class about tornadoes.

Free Nature Observation Printable Packet for All Seasons

No matter what time of year you’re listening to this episode of the No Sweat Nature Study Podcast, here’s a printable pack of nature observation activities for every season of the year!

Would you like to record a voicemail to answer this season’s nature study question?

At the end of each No Sweat Nature Study Podcast episode, Mrs. Cindy includes messages from a few of her friends. You can record a message that she might use on an upcoming episode! All children must have their parent’s permission before leaving a recording. Parents are welcome to record an answer, too!

Follow these simple directions:

  1. Think about your answer to the question first.
  2. Click the button that says “Start recording”.
  3. Tell your first name. (If you want to tell your age and/or where you live, feel free to do that too.)
  4. You will have 60 seconds to answer the question but try to be concise.
  5. Push the play button to listen to your recording before sending it to be sure it is recorded properly. If not, simply record it again.

Things Mentioned in the Episode

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