The Letter N

Preschool Letter N Lessons

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The letter N didn’t seem as boring as this post might lead you to believe!

Eli placed number stickers on the N template from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

We did lots with numbers this week. This is a matching game that came from my co-op’s Preschool Activities in a Bag exchange.

We did more number practice on these felt and sandpaper trees I found for FREE at a curriculum sale. They look easy to make – cardboard backs, felt tree tops, construction paper trunks, sandpaper tracing numbers placed on the trunk, and felt apples to count and place in the trees.

We also played with a number puzzle from the game closet.

A night poster became part of our alphabet wall.

Pasta nests were yummy!

Dessert nests were yummier!

Nessa’s Fish

A Nest Full of Eggs

Too Much Noise

The Napping House

The Best Nest

In a Nutshell

Ten Black Dots

The Nose Book

A Tree is Nice

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