A 14th Birthday

The years just keep rolling on!  My precious daughter is 14.  Wow, how time flies.  She loves animals and wanted her cake in the theme of her border collie, Lily.  We couldn’t find a figurine of Lily, so this little dog on the cake had to do.

We found a photo of a similar cake after doing a google search for “dog cakes”.  It was only slightly difficult, but we loved the way it turned out!  I baked the top and bottom of the cake in two different sized pans to make the layers.  The bones around the edges were simply a chocolate sugar cookie cut with a dog bone cookie cutter.  And the paws are just a warmed chocolate icing that was piped through a medium-sized hole snipped in a baggie.  A few extra steps, but really very easy!

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  1. Love this Cindy!

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. I might have to steal that idea with the ribbon around the cake. It’s so cute and chic!

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