The Letter B

Preschool Lessons for the Letter B

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After finding a printable butterfly from the internet, I let Eli place blobs of tempera paint on one side of the butterfly.  Together, we folded the paper over.  When Eli opened the paper, he had a beautiful symmetrical butterfly!

I gave Eli tweezers and tongs to pick up gummy bears for small motor practice.

Concrete graphing is easy with gummy bears!

We used the gummy bears to make “fair shares”, too.  I gave him a small pile and he had to decide how to share them evenly with his brother and sister.  You can see the three circles he drew on the paper.  I had him place one gummy in each circle first.  He continued placing a new gummy in each circle until the pile was gone.  We counted the gummies in each circle to be sure everyone had the same amount.

Cutting bananas with a butter knife is a great real-life skill.

Sorting dried beans in an ice cube tray was a pretty time consuming activity for my little man.  The beans were probably a bit small for his current motor skills.

I searched the internet for a printable bear and had Eli paint liquid glue all over the bear.  He sprinkled dried beans on the glue to make a collage.

We used an egg carton and some random craft supplies to create a cute little bug.

The books we read…

The Biggest Bear

The Button Box

Have You Seen Birds?

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

The Prince’s Bedtime

In the Trees, Honey Bees!

Brave Lion, Scared Lion

The Lamb And The Butterfly

Badger At Sandy Ridge Road

Box Turtle at Silver Pond Lane

Black Bear Cub at Sweet Berry Trail

The Rest of the ABC’s

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  1. Oh, my goodness, you are awesome! I so appreciate when homeschoolers post things like this; it’s such a great springboard for me–the ideas come like a flood! Thanks! ~K

  2. I just came across this and LOVE your ideas! I’ll be starting preschool homeschool this summer!

  3. Have a wonderful adventure, Rebecca!

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