The Creation Museum

A trip to the Creation Museum
(While I was provided free admission into the Creation Museum this trip, I believe so strongly in their mission that my family held a five-year membership until recently.)
We’ve been to the Creation Museum more times than I remember.  It’s fresh, uplifting and full of learning every. single. time.

If you haven’t been and have the chance, GO.  God is honored.  The Gospel is shared.  Creation is scientifically upheld.  People are moved.  Lives are changed.


Creation Museum Field Trip

Creation Museum Trip

Everyone from the very Biblically knowledgeable to the unchurched will find things to consider.  And there’s so much to keep children interested – dinosaurs, a mini-zoo, garden trails with bridges to cross, hands-on exhibits, cinema presentations, special classes, and more.

 Creation Museum with Buddy Davis

Creation Museum Fun

We have visited the planetarium, the walk-through museum, the zoo, the cinematic presentations, and the walking trails so many, many times and truly never get tired of anything.  And, the bookstore….drool.

Creation Museum Awesomeness

Creation Museum Friends

On our latest trip, we had so much fun meeting up with Jimmie Lanley and Laurie Bostwick!

Have you been to the Creation Museum?  Are you as in love as me?


  1. Lisa Taunt says:

    We are going for the first time tomorrow!! Can’t wait.

  2. Lisa Taunt says:

    Forgot to add, we are in California..glad to know there is more than one Creation Museum.

  3. I have heard about this and I would love to take my family someday!! Thanks for the pictures and the inspiration!

  4. I loved our visit there! I was surprised that the Creation Museum is really a Bible history museum and not just about creation apologetics. I spy myself making a craft in one of these pictures. 🙂 And I’m sort of making a rabbit face in our pretty picture. Ah, well, who cares? Rabbits are cute!

  5. Rabbits are cute…you are beautiful!

  6. It was super fun to meet you and Jimmie at the Creation Museum!
    If I lived closer, we could do that more often. Win-win. Getting to see more of you and getting to visit the Creation Museum again. 🙂

    LOVED your photos!!!

  7. We took a road trip (from Minnesota) in March for the Children’s Ministry Conference, it was absolutley life changing! We got to hear Ken Ham and Buddy Davis speak, our faith was strengthened 100% and it had a huge impact on all of our kids. We plan to go again this summer on our way to the Answers in Genesis family Mega Conference.

  8. william Reed says:

    we live in northwest Missouri, how far is it and the best route to get there. What is the admission costs?

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