Early Spring Nature Study

Nature Study Topics for Early Spring

This post contains links to my NaturExplorers curriculum.

It’s Spring!

I’m so excited to be back outdoors on a regular basis with my children!  Are you ready to jump back into nature study, too?  Fresh air.  The world slowing coming back to life.  Warm air one day, cool air the next.  Sunshine, rain, even snow.  I love spring!

What We Study in Early Spring

Nature to Study in Spring


What’s your favorite early spring nature study topic?


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  1. Hello!! What a fun study! We still have about six inches of snow on the ground and drifts that are 3-4 feet tall. It will be a bit for us to see some spring weather. I think the highest this week is 39. Are you getting the snow that hit the Midwest. We’re too north and are not getting any. Thank goodness, if we’d gotten hit again we would have had a snow storm every single Monday of this month.

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