Snapshots of Ancient History

Ancient Civilizations and the Bible continues to be a huge hit – with me AND my children.  There is so much more than we could ever use contained in the pages of this book!  Since I last wrote about history, we’ve been on a journey through Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.  Below are a just a few highlights from our studies.

Caleb's poster report about Ancient Sumeria
The first page of Mahayla's report about the culture of Ancient Mesopotamia
A quick model of the Nile River as we discussed the importance of this mighty river in Egypt's history
Mummy making during our study of Ancient Egypt
As we listened to the CD about Ancient Egypt, the kids created pipe cleaner figures to retell the story
Caleb's poster trying to sell land in the flood zone of Egypt

We’re finishing up a study of Ancient Israel this week that includes lots of fun, hands-on activities.  I’ll write a post soon!


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