The Letter D

Preschool Lessons for the Letter D

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The letter D was more fun than any other so far!  There are just so many things having to do with D words…

Edible playdough made from peanut butter was so much fun to play with.

I cut out the pieces to this dinosaur and Eli glued them on the paper.

Tossing bean bags into a dump truck was a great large motor skill activity.

A homemade dinosaur memory game is easy to make with dinosaur stickers and index cards.

This easy David and Goliath puzzle came free in the mail – perfect for this week’s lessons.

Eli loved punching holes in colored paper so we would have plenty of dots to fill our D template.

This diamond poster became part of our alphabet wall.  Eli’s d is one of the first letters he ever wrote by himself!

A dinosaur dig in the sandbox was a huge hit!

After reading a book about deserts, I let him swirl glue all over cardstock and we added colored sand to make a desert picture.

Dominoes make a great small motor activity.

After reading about ducks, we made our own webbed feet with baggies and paddled through the sink.

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