Science Friday

Fridays have been {fun} for years.

This past week, our Friday morning was dedicated to science fun.  Besides containing all the mess of tons of experiments to one day, it gave Caleb a chance to review several chemistry concepts we’ve been learning.

Science Friday


Science Friday

Using the book Molecules by Janice VanCleave(affiliate link), I chose about six experiments that reinforced some of our recent chemistry topics.  Together, we made a list of all the materials we needed to gather so we could spend more time enjoying experiments than wandering around the house looking for our tools.

Science Friday 2

Next, I had Caleb read through the experiment procedures and let me know if he had any questions.  I expected him to allow his little brother to be his helper (to benefit both of them.)  Caleb took the reigns completing each experiment while I supervised and prompted discussions.

With only a little prep, our Friday morning was spent immersed in reviewing chemistry concepts.  Isn’t this better than a study guide any day?


  1. We have, and use, a lot of Janice Van Cleave’s books. When we’re looking for some fast rainy day science it’s the first place we go for ideas.

  2. We LOVE Janice VanCleave!! Science days are great. The kids enjoy when we just set aside a hands-on day for any subject. I always feel we get more learning done that way than in our textbooks. When we are just reading textbooks, I can’t tell if they are learning. When, the kids are doing what we read in the textbook, I can see learning happening.

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