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Owl Moon Activities | Our Journey Westward

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Owl Moon with FIAR

I’m so excited to be back in the swing of Five in a Row with my littlest man! My oldest two made so many good memories during learning time using this curriculum.  I likely won’t post about all our studies, but I took the time to take some pictures of the “extras” during our latest “row” of Owl Moon.

From the Five in a Row Blog Roll and Link-Up, I found several fun add-ons.   Most of them came from Delightful Learning and School Time Snippets.

Owl Moon Activities

1. A quickly drawn grid, some directional note cards and a little foam owl made for a fun game to learn N, S, E & W.  After several instructions like, “Move south two blocks”, or “Go three blocks east”, my little guy had these basic directions down pat.

2. A simple owl made from dollar store foam sheets became a good lesson in shapes and following oral directions.

3.  A quick print-off of the rhyme, “Wee Willy Winkie”, made for a scavenger hunt of the ‘ow’ sound.

Owl Moon Lessons

4. After reading some go-along informational books about owls, we put together a little chart of what Eli knew about owls.  He came up with the information, I wrote the words on another piece of paper and he copied them.  (How’s that for fairly painless copywork?)

5. After reading some go-along books about nocturnal animals, we did a mini-research project to design a nocturnal animals poster.  I’ll write a separate post soon about how awesome this research project was!

6. After reading some go-along books about the moon, we made craters in a powdered sugar “moon” with some cookies before they baked.

Fun, fun, fun!  So much learning!  So many happy memories!

Wanna go further, or add nature study lessons to your learning time?

NaturExplorers Flying Creatures of the Night has an entire section dedicated to the study of owls!

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  1. Alecia Wimer says:

    Very fun lessons, Cindy! I’ll have to remember this for when Hallie (and my bun in the oven) are older!

  2. Alecia, Another baby!!?? How exciting!

  3. I saw your Owl game on Pinterest and was just popping over to say that we did that, too! Such a great go-along activity for the book & thank you for mentioning my blog, School Time Snippets!! You did a wonderful job displaying your Row!

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