Parts of a Flower

While Mahayla takes a formal, high school biology class this year, Caleb (6th grade) and I (along with the interested 4-year-old) are studying biology using a variety of resources like Considering God’s Creation, Lyrical Life Science, Vol. 1 and, of course, NaturExplorers studies.

Botany has been first on our list and we’ve been having so much fun learning the in-depth ins and outs of various plant types.  In the lesson below, we were studying the functions of a flower.  The activities came from the Wonderful Wildflowers NaturExplorers study.

(The Reason for a Flower  by Ruth Heller is a great kick-off book for this type of lesson.)

After an earlier lesson on the plant kingdom, we moved our focus toward flowering plants.
Rose of Sharon are GREAT flowers to use in pollination and dissection activities.
Even though the lesson was for the 6th grader, the 4-year-old enjoyed (and learned from) it, too!
Our pipe cleaner pollinators very clearly showed us how insects and other pollinators pick up and deliver pollen from flower to flower.
A quick dissection in the field showed us various flower parts distinctly.
Another quick dissection in the field showed us new seeds developing in the ovary.
And, finally, a formal dissection inside allowed us to see, touch and explore and label each and every part of a flower.

Isn’t science great fun???

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