Renaissance Festival

I’ve wanted to attend the Ohio Renaissance Festival for years.  Since this is our last medieval history cycle with Mahayla (boo hoo), visiting the festival was now or never.  What a fun experience!  (A little gypsy-like at times, but fun nonetheless.)

We attended on their special school/homeschool day.  While I didn’t like dealing with the loads of middle and high school students who were forced by their teachers to unload from the yellow school bus (it was very obvious from their behavior that many of them didn’t want to be there – shameful!), it seemed as if “adult” weekends could’ve given us even more fits.

In spite of the “real” teacher in me coming out a few times to rebuke some of the unsupervised public school kids, we still enjoyed the sights, sounds and performances.

My children and hubby were trained as medieval warriors. I think they're ready to go to battle!
This one's really ready for war. I think his tactic is to make the enemy melt from the sweetness on his face.
Sword fighting was one of Caleb's two favorite things to see.
Leonardo DaVinci (at 39) told us all about himself and his inventions/art.
William Shakespeare shared about his life as a playwright.
Queen Elizabeth shared about her life before and after becoming queen.
Or wait, maybe this was Queen Elizabeth?
Craftsmen were sharing their trades (and selling their wares - quite expensively.)
Musicians made beautiful music.
A little lesson in Renaissance art fit in perfectly.
We even found pirates!
This one had to be rescued!
Everyone's favorite - a real jousting session!
And as we were leaving, we found Excalibur. I wonder where King Arthur was?

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