Our Girls from World Help

Sure and Manjeri

These girls pulled on my heart strings.  Manjeri and Sure are from Uganda and our family had the pure pleasure of hosting them in our home for one short weekend while they were in for a presentation at our church.  One short weekend.  I never knew how close I could grow to two complete strangers in two days.

Rescue Tour

Manjeri and Sure are part of World Help’s Rescue Tour.

The sweet children from Uganda, Nepal and the Philippines get to spend almost a year in America sharing their stories as they worship the Lord through song and dance.  The program is beautiful – and heart wrenching.  The children and beautiful – and will go back home in a few short months.

Fun Day

Home for them is a Christian orphanage.  They praise God for their home and speak fondly of their friends and teachers.  They pray eloquent prayers and truly have the faith of a child.  I miss our girls.  I wish adoption could be easier.



  1. Praise the Lord, what a blessing. It is so sad about adoption today. It is a money racket!!! I was adopted, I found the papers where my parents paid 35.00 to the attorney, and 50.00 to the hospital for my birthmothers stay. Then it was for getting children in homes where they would be loved and taken care of. Now it is to make money. How sad, If I had the money I would adopt several children.

  2. caroline holder says:

    We hosted Manjeri when the program came to our church in Charleston, SC just before Christmas! The other little girl that stayed with us is in your top pic- with the blue satin looking dress. It’s such a blessing to see their smiling faces again!

  3. Oh, my goodness!!! How cool, Caroline!!!

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