October’s Creation Club – Trees

Our Creation Club met this October for the last time until spring to study deciduous trees.  We were as busy as beavers learning and having fun together!  You’ll love the easy ideas and free printable that will work for any sized group of children.

October Nature Study with Deciduous Trees

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Deciduous Trees Lesson and Activities

Partner Warm-Up Activity: As a warm-up activity, each child was asked to find a leaf from any tree in the area.  They had to remember which tree it came from!  Then, they exchanged leaves with someone and had to located the tree their new leaf came from.  The partners worked together to give hints to each other if needed.

It’s Autumn – Why do leaves change colors?  I gave a simple explanation of why leaves change colors in the fall while the kids took notes in their nature journals.

Creation Club Deciduous Trees Activities

Partners Again: Then, we played a game to warm up their detail finding skills.  Everyone teamed up with a new partner.  The first partner had to close their eyes, while the second partner led them to a tree.  With eyes still closed, the first partner had to touch the tree remembering as much detail as possible.  The first partner then led them back to the starting point with eyes still closed.  The first partner then had to try to locate the tree with eyes open.  Fun!

Deciduous Trees Creation Club Activities

On Your Own Activity: Now the kids were ready to “adopt” a tree.  Using a notebooking page from Considering God’s Creation, they had to notice all sorts of things about their tree such as bark style, tree shape, leaf type, leaf shape and more.  On the back of this page, I added a few more things for them to do like measuring the circumference of the trunk, tracing a leaf and coloring in detail, sketching something they found using a magnifying glass and such.  You can print this simple page here.

Free "Observe a Tree" notebooking page from ShiningDawnBooks.com

Artistic Notebooking Activity: Using watercolors, they had to paint a picture of their tree.  We used our imaginations a bit since the drought has really caused all of our trees to lose their brilliant colors already.

On Your Own Notebooking Activity: Then, they were asked to take a few quiet minutes to write a poem about their tree or a prayer to God in thanksgiving of trees.

A Fun Stop on the Way Home: Finally, we took a short walk to some tree stumps to see if we could figure out the age of any of the trees that were once there by counting the rings.

This was two hours of our day that were definitely not wasted!  Thank you , God, for your glorious creation!

Learn how to create your own wonderful tree study using Delightful Deciduous Trees:

NaturExplorers Delightful Deciduous Trees is a GREAT nature themed science study!


  1. I love this! We did something similar, just our kids, last year with trees. They had so much fun! But I love that you’ve made this into a group activity, nicely done!

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