Making Butter the Old Fashioned Way

Well, not exactly!

We’ve been doing all sorts of hands-on learning during our Colonial History unit and one of the activities I had planned was making butter.  At co-op over the years, the kids have had the opportunity to shake cream in baby food jars to make their own butter, so I didn’t think we needed that experience again.  We don’t own a butter churn, but I had an idea that the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer might give us a modern day look at the butter making process.  And it did!

Easy directions:

  • Add heavy cream to your mixer
  • Put on the whisk attachment
  • Turn it to level 8 or 10 for about five minutes
  • Be prepared to cover the bowl with a couple of towels toward the end to keep the liquid from splattering
  • When the liquid has separated from the butter fat, take the butter out and squeeze out the rest of the liquid
  • You can keep the liquid (buttermilk) for use in other recipes
  • Enjoy your fresh butter!  It’s SO yummy!!

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