Nature Walk Clipboards

While school supply shopping at Walmart the other day, I ran across some clipboard storage boxes in several fun colors.  I remembered Maureen from Spell Out Loud mentioning using these nature walk clipboards with her family, so I put three in my cart.  Wow – they have been a wonderful addition to our nature walks!

I’m in love.

Nature Walk Clipboards

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Nature Walk Clipboards Make Me Happy

We can pack all kinds of fun supplies inside and clip our papers to the outside.  Having a built-in hard surface to write or draw on is perfect.  They aren’t too bulky and can even be wiped clean!  My entire family loves this new addition to our nature walks!

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  1. I have heard of people using the storage clipboards and forgot all about them. Thanks for reminding me. We love clipboards! I need to go grab some with the school supplies!

  2. Lindsay Medows says:

    I do this as well, except that I put all of the colored pencils in a plastic bag–not a ziplock (although that would probably work), but a thick plastic bag that kids underwear or tees come in that has a snap at the top. Keeps pencils from falling all over when the clipboard is opened 🙂

  3. Love that idea. My wheels were already turning about adding a zippered pencil bag or something. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. What a fantastic idea that will keep us always organized and ready for a nature walk!

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