Living Math – Graphs Galore

October/November = lots of falling leaves and lots of candy.  What better to do with both of those things?  Math, of course!

Whether you have extra M&M’s, Skittles, Smarties, Runts, or just a big bunch of assorted candy bars, take a few minutes to turn those sweets into more than cavities.  Even little bitty ones can sort candy, place the pieces on a blank grid, then color a bar graph.  As the kiddos get bigger, all the more fun they can have graphing their candy.  Click here to check out my candy math ideas!

And don’t forget all those autumn leaves!  Make a nature walk even more productive by collecting a sack of leaves to sort and graph.

Literal or concrete graphs are not only fun, but help younger ones understand better what a graph on paper represents.

After making the concrete graphs, my children jotted the information and used centimeter grid paper to design their own graphs.

Happy graphing!

Incorporate More Living Math in Your Homeschool

There’s more to living math than just graphs! These two excellent resources will teach you all about living math and how to incorporate the ideas into your homeschool program.


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