How To Start Your Homeschool Morning Beautifully

For years, our homeschool mornings have begun on a note of family time. Those mornings gathered around the table at the start of each day have been such a blessing. And…as some of my children are moving out of our homeschool as of late, the memories I have of all of us gathered joyfully together at the start of our day are precious.

Morning time has set the tone for our school days, given the children some common ground in lessons, and allowed us the daily opportunity to worship together.

It’s also been a wonderful way for me to “kill several birds with one stone” as morning time lends itself to teaching several subjects in a relatively short amount of time.

How to start your homeschool morning. Morning time can start your homeschool day off with truth, goodness and beauty. Philippians 4:8

How To Start Your Homeschool Morning Beautifully

The content of our morning time has changed from year to year – or even week to week sometimes, but certain things have remained constant:

We always begin our day in the Bible.

We try to play at least one brain training game to wake us up for a day full of learning.

We make a good attempt to focus on some learning that brings beauty into our lives.

I’ve written before about our Bible plan and brain training, but I’m not sure I’ve ever written much on the beauty of learning.

The Beauty of Learning

I hope it’s pretty obvious that Bible time and the prayer and/or worship that comes from it should be considered a beautiful way to start your homeschool day.

What other things can be considered as beautiful? Opinions may vary, but I like to think of Philippians 4:8 when I decide how to add beauty to our school day.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8

So, besides our Bible time (which clearly is the perfect way to live out this verse), I tend to dwell on a few other things that lend themselves well to many of the characteristics listed: nature study, music, art, poetry, and living literature.

Of course, this is just my interpretation of what we might “think on” in order to focus on beautiful things. Yours might be different and that’s entirely okay.

I should mention very clearly that I work hard to focus on beautiful things because our family struggles with living a Philippians 4:8 life. We all seem to be hardwired to lean toward negativity, worry, and defeat – so a good, heaping dose of “think on these things” is like a daily vitamin of sorts for us.

Need some help starting your homeschool morning off right? This post is for you!

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My morning time basket from Mollie Ollie doesn’t seem to be available anymore. However, here is one that seems to be very similar.

When Morning Time Isn’t Beautiful

Every day isn’t beautiful around here. Don’t let my gushing about morning time lead you to believe everything is joyfully and seamlessly running on all cylinders all the time. Nope.

There are days, weeks, and even months when morning time seems to hit bump after bump for one reason or another. Usually, the main reason is my lack of planning. I’ll be honest, though, after 17+ years of homeschooling I don’t always enjoy planning like I used to.

It’s also a little harder to be consistent now that I’m really only doing morning time with one kiddo. The oldest joins us for Bible time and the brain training game, but moves into his own high school day while the 5th grader and I continue on.

Bumps are pretty easy to overcome when I keep a basket of morning time supplies to loop through. Looping is easy. I simply fill the basket with several of the morning time supplies that I want to use. After Bible time, I simply grab the very next thing at the front of the basket to use that day.

Let’s say we grab an artist study book and open it right where we left the bookmark last time. Once we finish reading a chapter, we put the bookmark back, close the book, and place it at the very back of the morning time basket.

If we have time, we’ll grab the next thing from the front of the basket. Let’s say that happens to be a geography card game. After we finish playing, I might put the card game in the back of the basket, or I might decide to replace it with a different geography resource that will now go to the back of the basket.

In grabbing from the front of the basket each time, we are constantly rotating through a variety of wonderful materials without the pressure to get to a certain number of things each day. It’s quite surprising how much we actually get through by simply being consistent, even if we only have a chance to do one or two things from the basket each day.

Incorporate Morning Time in Your Homeschool

If you want to learn more about morning time and make it part of your homeschool routine, join us for this informative video training. You will find out what you can do during morning time, how long it should take, and so much more!

I’d love to hear about your morning time! What does it look like in your homeschool?

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