Amamos Español! Homeschool with Mango Languages

Mango Languages is a great online option for learning just about any foreign language you can imagine!

(I received a subscription to Mango Languages for free and was compensated for my time spent writing this review.  As always, my opinions are strictly my own.)

Homeschool with Mango Languages

Truth time.  I’ve not been the best about teaching foreign languages up to this point.  A little Spanish here, a little Latin there.  Even though my oldest took 2 years of Spanish (in which I was very hands-off) in high school using a book and CD approach, she doesn’t remember much now.

Caleb’s 9th grade experience with foreign language is altogether different, though.  While he’s only been taking his Spanish lessons for a little over two months, there is a huge difference in what he is learning and has retained vs. my daughter.

What’s the difference?  I’m giving full credit to Mango Languages.  I’m still hands-off, meaning that all his lessons are completed on his own without me teaching anything.  However, because Mango Languages uses a real-life, conversational approach to teaching that is highly auditory and visual, his learning is sticking.

Mango Languages is a great option for homeschooling foreign languages!

E-Learning is Easy Learning

Mango is easy for me (the mom) because a virtual tutor leads Caleb through his lessons and I don’t have to know the first word in Spanish.  I can also log in at any time to see his progress.  Whether I want to check to see how much time he’s spending on the lessons, how many lessons/chapters he’s completed, or his test scores – it’s all readily accessible to me in a click or two.  I can even print a curriculum outline for my records where I note test scores for my records.

Mango Languages makes teaching foreign languages in the homeschool easy!

It’s easy for my son for several reasons – both technically and academically.

  • The software is easy to load.
  • The contents are easy to navigate.
  • The lessons are self-paced.
  • He can go back to review at any time.
  • He is able to hear the language, see the language and speak the language.
Mango Languages: an easy foreign language option for homeschool.
  • He is able to learn the language in the context of real conversations.
  • There are bite-sized grammar lessons built in.
  • There are several cultural cues that build another level of understanding.
  • He is easily able to see pre-test and post-test results for each chapter.  (**These have really built his self-esteem knowing that he truly is learning Spanish!
  • And, the lessons can be completed on any of our computer devices.
Foreign language is made easy with Mango Languages

Foreign Language Credit Made Easy

In Kentucky, we’re supposed to log 120 hours per full high school credit.  Since Mango keeps track of time spent learning, I can easily know when to his credit is fulfilled.  Since there are three levels of Spanish available, I’m pretty sure we’ll have no problem logging in enough hours for the required two credits of foreign language.

Mango Languages is an easy, online option for teaching foreign languages!

If Caleb moves super fast through all three levels of Spanish, I don’t need to worry.  Mango provides over 60 languages to learn!  We can always jump into a second language if necessary.

Have you used Mango Languages?  I’d love to hear your experience!

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  1. I have one who loves French. My elementary student wants to be different from her big sister. She keeps talking about Chinese, but Spanish is probably more realistic.

  2. Staci Channel says:


  3. Amy Cutshall says:

    We would enjoy doing Spanish.

  4. French

  5. Spanish!

  6. Paola Collazo says:

    I love Mango. We all use Spanish, but have navigated some other languages as well. Korean, Thai, Latin, Hebrew…

  7. Danielle Hull says:

    Wow! That’s impressive that you can choose from all of the languages for one monthly price, especially since we have several children! I would just choose Spanish because I took several years, and it seems practical. But I would let my children choose but expect them to stick with their choice for a determined amount of time. Thanks for the review!

  8. bethany jones says:


  9. Brook Vernon says:

    I believe my son would enjoy learning Spanish or Japanese. Thanks for the contest and review!

  10. I have one daughter who wants to learn French and one who wants to learn Spanish! Would love to have this for them.

  11. Spanish would be our choice.

  12. My daughter loves the Germanic languages, so I’d say anything Germanic.

  13. Cristy S. says:


  14. This is very helpful, thanks! We’re planning on starting Portuguese soon, but debating Spanish since I speak a little of it..

  15. My daughter would love Irish Gaelic, and I’d be thrilled to learn Japanese, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages!

  16. My daughter would enjoy Spanish.

  17. My daughter loves learning Spanish and she really wants to be fluent in another language as well. perhaps Chinese?

  18. We are just starting with some Spanish because it would come in handy but I will be starting some Hebrew and later on would love to do Latin!

  19. Melissa Armstrong says:

    We have a lot of Russian families in our neighborhood, so my son wants to learn Russian.

  20. Katherine P says:

    My child would enjoy learning Brazilian Portuguese, because he is an alto saxophone player who’s been getting interested in Brazilian music.

  21. My daughter has been working on French and will probably stick with it for awhile… but, I studied Spanish, Japanese and Russian and would *love* a refresher. Thank you for sharing!

  22. I am just getting into Mango for my son (10th grade). I have seen mentioned that there is a curriculum of sorts available for print out. Would you be able to tell me where that is? I’ve not been able to locate it yet.. although I’m definitely new to the program. Thank you in advance!

  23. Toybe, I don’t remember being able to print anything from Mango besides some record-keeping things. Sorry.

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