Below are some pictures of our farm during the recent flooding of Central KY (and other places.)  I know it’s hard to tell that the land is flooded if you aren’t familiar with what it looks like typically.  Rest assured – this was a FLOOD!  We estimate about 45 acres (three bottom land fields) were covered by at least eight feet of water in some places.  Even though my husband had just reseeded one of the fields, our loss of $500 is nothing compared to those who lost homes or are having to salvage what they can now that the waters are receding.  Our prayers are with them.

Our little boat (that had been tied down) was thankfully caught in some trees.  We’re hoping it’s still there when we return.

At least the geese seem to like all the extra water.

I’m standing on a bridge that crosses into our small town.  The bridge you see is an active railroad bridge normally 12-14 feet above the water.

LONG after one of our little creeks sent its water away, the boys enjoyed splashing around in the remains.

On a positive note, a flood is an awesome opportunity for unusual nature study.  We’ve talked about the water cycle, watersheds, groundwater systems and so much more.


  1. The downtown and historic sections of our home town are completely underwater. The river is 15 feet above flood stage. The pictures are devastating. Glad to hear that you are safe and sound.

  2. Wow. We are sorry to hear about your flooding. It reminds me of the floods we’ve had in Houston. Glad to hear you are all doing OK. – Dana

  3. Great pictures, Cindy! Your mom posted some good ones from Frankfort, too. I took some also (but yours are better). :o)
    I thought we were going to be cut off from the main road for awhile!!

  4. Wow – I can’t believe how high the water is. The picture with the bridge really puts it into perspective. So glad you’re all O.K. Praying for you all and everyone affected.

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