Incredible Creeks


Creeks are a favorite nature study stop for many families. This NaturExplorers guide gives you enough ideas to keep you joyfully studying creeks for months!

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Creeks are a favorite nature study topic for so many people.  Their amazing beauty and unique essence keep us coming back for more. Whether you’re in the mood for active and exciting study or peaceful pondering, the creek is the perfect place to suit any style.

A vast amount of living and non-living treasures await as you follow the meandering paths carved out by the star of the show, flowing water. Learn just what amazing power this water holds as you explore Incredible Creeks.

The outdoor study section in this guide is huge – with more than 50 nature walks!

Discover the power of water.

Investigate rocks.

Explore erosion.

Find freshwater animals.

Determine the health of a creek.

Learn about the protection of the riparian zone.

Discover an abundance of plants and critters living near the creek.

And, so many more!

Get wet or stay dry. You get to choose how to complete the activities!

Back at home, choose from a bunch of meaningful experiments and hands-on lessons.

  • build food chains
  • make 3-dimensional maps
  • model a watershed
  • demonstrate the formation of pebbles
  • create cross-section murals
  • design a classification collage
  • and more!

Complete super-fun research projects on any topic that strikes your fancy ranging from animal classification and wetlands to river towns and dams. There are more than 25 creative ideas!

Incredible Creeks includes 13 notebooking pages.  On your busiest days, pull out a notebooking page and go!  Scavenger hunts, comparison charts, graphing exercises, recording sheets and more can be added directly to your nature journal or science notebook upon completion and they’re cute to boot.

This is our biggest NaturExplorers guide to date and it’s just full of goodness. (Shhh…it’s one of my very favorites!) If you have access to any creek – big or small – this curriculum is not to be missed!

Any season is a great time for studying and enjoying creeks!

Incredible Creeks goes well with any general earth science study, including weather, water, rocks, and erosion. It can also compliment general plant and animal studies.

66 pages, digital curriculum



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